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It was a strange dichotomy to the luxurious decor of the outer store and I was perplexed as to why the great treasures he promised would be found in such a mundane and ordinary local. I tried to scream, to call out for help, but his fingers closed tightly around my throat and my cries were squeezed off before they could be granted voice.

I struggled with what little strength I had left, wondering what he had meant.

My body hacked and wheezed as I struggled to wretch and draw breath at the same time.

My thoughts spun wildly as I desperately tried to sort through my confusion. I wanted to run or fight or call for help, but as I turned, his hand swung around and struck my cheek hard enough to send me reeling backward again.

My face was burning hot and spittle dripped from my lips as my need to breathe became desperate.

I felt my blood rushing in my ears and I my vision began to fade.

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